It’s been a while…

So, I’ve let this blog slide a few times now.

We’re just over a year into home schooling now and today we had our last day at Playcentre. Our middle child turns 5 in a month, and so we’ve left in preparation for moving into a more ‘school’ focused lifestyle. This last year in particular has been amazing, and a large part of the is due to Playcentre. It’s given our eldest a place where she can belong, where she is admired and appreciated, where she is never made to feel like she is somehow less because she didn’t do something to the standard that is expected. She has grown confident in herself again, and found a space to learn to think about others feelings and become kinder, softer as a result.

So, it was pretty sad to say goodbye. For all of us. I’m going to miss the support and warmth of that environment, and I only hope that we can find some similarly like-minded individuals in our home school adventures (we already have made an amazing connection with another family from playcentre who is also beginning their home school journey, which rocks!).

Our middle child is well and truly ready for school – she’s been sitting down to do book work whenever the oldest has, and she’s loving taking control of her education, coming up with new questions every night for us to explore the next day. I love seeing her brain ticking over and working through things, and I’m really excited that we’re not going to have more time to pursue all of the kids passions and thirsts for knowledge.

It should also mean I actually have time to properly utilize this poor neglected blog. Not just me, but the kids too. I want to try and use it as a way to capture some of the adventures we have and the learning we are doing. Or something like that anyway… I am sure it will evolve as we go!


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