Finally, the term begins!

Here in New Zealand, it’s finally the beginning of Term 4 – the last of the school year. When we first started home schooling we never intended to take breaks as such, just continue to go with the flow. Learning is happening all the time, so it’s not like we were going to actively shut that down. The kids really enjoy our regular routines but those all go out the window because everyone else is on holidays!

These past two weeks have been mostly spent at home. Not because it was our plan, but because around 9am every morning the twins from next door would be ringing the doorbell and the 5 girls would then play, all day. Which was great, if a little exhausting for me. Can’t tell you how pleased I am that school is back and it’s just the four of us again on week days!

Monday’s is shaping up to be a dancing day. Natalie has her pre-ballet class at 2pm, and Lauren has just moved from that class to the 5-6yr old Jazz class which is a couple hours later. Today we decided to try our hand at hanging out in town between classes to see what that might look like. And it was pretty fun! Though the kids were all exhausted by the time we made it home.

After the first class we did a little shopping for crafty bits to make Halloween stuff with, and then we hit up the museum. It’s always a great place to go. Some of our favourite spots are below:

WP_001280 WP_001269WP_001282



WP_001266These are always the first stops at the museum, but afterwards we headed downstairs to the latest exhibition Reo Karanga o Taranaki’, which was some very awesome contemporary art by local Maori. Well worth checking out if you’re in town before the 17th of November.


These were two of my favourite pieces. Sorry about the quality of the images – I didn’t think to take my camera so had to snap them on my phone. It was a ‘no touching’ exhibition, which the kids find hard sometimes, and they were eager to get onto other things so we didn’t get to spend as long as here as I would have liked.

Afterwards, it was over to the library for some new books. We FINALLY nabbed a copy of the first Harry Potter book which both the two older kids are eager to read after having watched the movie and played the Lego game. Will be nice to have something that appeals to both of them as they often have quite different tastes.

I’ll share just one last pic, which isn’t the best quality but kind of highlights the awesome fun my kids like to invent. There is an underwater mural at the museum and they thought it would be fun to pretend they were swimming underwater. Too cute!




I love these kiddos 🙂

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to get some craft done. I’ll try and find the camera charger before we do!


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