Beach visit

WP_001580We live really close to the sea, so we like to make the most of that and get to the beach on a regular basis. The kids love it there and can spend hours just playing around in the sand and water. As the weather warms up there is more water play which is awesome. WP_001591

We popped down a couple of afternoons ago. It was a really overcast day, but sometimes those are the nicest ones to be out and about as it’s not too hot and the risk of getting sunburn is less. This time the tide was almost all the way out, and I don’t actually think we’ve been to this beach when it’s been this low.

Ivy was amazed to see how many rocks were there. She waded out to a really big one and looked at it for a bit before turning to me and saying “we can’t see this when the tide is in, so that means the water is at least that deep when the tide is in” – love it when she can make logical conclusions and discoveries about the world around her just from experiencing it.

WP_001606WP_001607The kids spent a lot of time digging in the sand, caving in the edges of the river, and finally figuring out where to dig in the island in the middle of the river in order to cause the water to erode it. They had a lot of fun with this, experimenting with building new banks, making inlets and channels for the water to run through, and also digging out pools within the island and watching what happened. Science in nature – they loved it!

I love watching them learn this way and I think next time we head to the beach we’ll have to take some buckets and spades to assist them in their explorations.


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