Ivy Bakes

WP_20140114_002Not to be outdone by her little sister, Ivy decided that it was her turn to do some baking. With her being a little older and able to read, this meant she could make a more complex recipe.

WP_20140114_003Ivy has never really taken an interest in baking before, so this was pretty cool. I found a suitable recipe (she wanted chocolate biscuits, but we didn’t have enough butter, we used this recipe and just added some cocoa). I set up the laptop on the bench so she could read the instructions, got out the ingredients for her and some measuring implements, and then stood back so she could do it on her own (once I’ve tidied up the cupboard, she can do this herself, but it’s very unorganized right now!).

After a little guidance in how to read the recipe, she got to work. I gave her verbal directions on how to crack an egg without getting the shell into the mix, but aside from that, she didn’t really need help with anything and we had some fun talking about fractions as she measured the ingredients, and about what the purpose of baking powder is in the process. I love that baking is such a fun thing, and yet you can add maths and science into the mix so easily.


Ivy really enjoyed making the biscuits, and they turned out great – I know she’s looking forward to her next attempt, and thinking ahead to what she might want to make next. I’m looking forward to encouraging her to search out recipes on her own, and then to make lists of the items I need to purchase in order for her to bake.

Given the girls interest in baking (Natalie is demanding a turn now, but I really need some more supplies first!) I’m going to make up a plan for giving them some individual lessons at their levels of skill. I read a really interesting post with some cool suggestions here and think that my girls would LOVE their own recipe folders. I also think the progression tracker from ‘making with mums help’ to ‘making on my own’ is really motivational, so will be using that as well.


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