Lauren’s first book

WP_20140111_001A couple of days ago Lauren came to me and told me she wanted to make a book. She wanted to write a story for her little sister Natalie, and could I please write it down for her. Being that she turned 5 not long ago, this was a reasonable request, so I took the paper and felt pen she offered me, and sat down to write.

WP_20140111_002All of my children like to tell stories, but this was the first time that she’d asked me to write one down for her, and I loved that she wanted to give it as a gift – for the record, Natalie loves the story, and has been showing her book off to everyone who comes into the house. I’ve read it so many times that I know it by heart now.

For the record, we’re a family of geeks. All of the kids have watched episodes of Doctor Who. They play ‘Weeping Angels’ instead of ‘whats the time Mr Wolf’.
They love to talk about zombies, ghosts and unicorns, werewolves, vampires, fairies and dragons, other worlds, mermaids. You name it, they have probably heard about it and played imaginary games involving it.

WP_20140111_003So it really shouldn’t have been any surprise that Lauren’s story involved a whole lot of those things, though initially it seemed a bit brutal for a 5yr olds tale! lol I loved it though 🙂 She’s tapped into her fear of werewolves (stemming from one of her nanas showing her the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ video when she was three), and a game Natalie plays where she dies, then comes back as a zombie, dies, and then comes back as a ghost. I was really struck by Lauren’s take on good and evil as well, and how the waterfall, while not seemingly a big part of the story at the beginning, was central in the ‘Lauren’ characters change from regular girl, to something bad, and how when the waterfall flooded the worlds, it triggered Lauren into turning good again and saving everyone.

WP_20140111_004Naturally, of course, in a house with 2 siblings, and being the middle child, it’s not surprising that she wants to rule the world 😉

We glued together the pages to make a proper book, and she’s dreaming up her next story, and ready to make another copy of this for a friends son who read it and loved it too. She has really been encouraged by the positive feedback to write more stories, and being a writer myself, I love that she has found the joy in story. Hopefully this will help motivate her to learn her letters in the near future, so that she can make a whole book all by herself. So proud!


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