Loosening the reins a little more

WP_20140110_006Her independence amazes me.

Just two days after her experiments with bread toppings, I came into the kitchen to find Lauren lining up spreads on the bench. I asked her what she was doing, expecting that she was going to be reaching for the bread next. She simply informed me that she was going to make peanut butter cookies. By herself.

Umm… lol I could see she was ready – right that minute – to do it, so I asked her for just one minute to find a recipe that she could do solo. Thankfully, I found this really simple, 3 ingredient recipe, and she was thrilled that she could do everything aside from the oven stuff on her own. And they turned our beautifully.

WP_20140110_008Enthused, and on a high from the cookie success, she decided that she needed more. I came back into the kitchen at lunch time to find her preparing to slice tomatoes and cheese! Gave me a bit of a fright, but I managed not to freak out at her incorrect technique, and took the opportunity to teach her some knife safety skills before stepping back and letting her get on with it. She did an awesome job, and made some tomato and cheese filled rolls for lunch, as well as some with just peanut butter for her sister.

I tell you what, in no time at all, I bet she’ll be shooing me out of the kitchen and pitching in with dinner. Very exciting.


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