An interest in reading

As seems to be Lauren’s nature, she has now decided that she wants to be able to read. She doesn’t really want to learn to write though, and isn’t interested in learning the letters and the sounds they make. She just wants to be able to read. Preferably yesterday.

WP_20140119_005This came on night two of our reading sessions – she always has a cuddle before bed, but after spending a few weeks reading Harry Potter with Ivy at bedtime, Lauren decided she wanted a book instead of a long ‘talk time’ so, we brought that in. The second night, she took the book off me and declared that she was going to read it, and then gave it back, admitting she didn’t know how.

I’m learning to think outside the box a little when it comes to Lauren. She needs to make instant progress, and so I grabbed the tablet from beside my bed and flicked onto the Eggy Sight Words app. She’s not been overly interested in this until now, in fact, I think Natalie has played it more than anyone, but I figured she could learn a couple of words, and then read those ones for me when we reached them in the book. On her first night, she learned ‘the’, ‘and’, and ‘to’. Thankfully, there were a lot of those words in the book, and she had fun practicing reading them. She was full of smiles, and a beautiful sense of achievement, knowing that she could ‘read’ some words.

Eggy sight words is a pretty cool app, though it’s a little slow in some regards. You have a word to recognise, and it flies across the screen in eggs. There are other words flying around too, and items like potatoes, pans, regular eggs, and pigs. If you touch something that isn’t the word, you lose a life, and if you miss an egg with the right word, you also lose a life. Sometimes the eggs move so fast that even I can barely tell what’s on them, and other times you can sit there for a full minute without the word coming up. There are smiley face eggs that give you life back, and also puzzle piece eggs, and I think they also count as a word.

WP_20140119_009Lauren doesn’t need to get to 25 words (which is what it takes to win a level) before she can recognise them, and she is more interested in putting her new knowledge to the test than finishing a game, so typically I will tap away while she grabs the book we’re reading to find the words she has learned.

The main down fall of the game is that the flying pigs are just SO much fun to squish! lol she can’t seem to resist them. It becomes a game in itself, of her trying to catch the pigs and then counting her lives and making sure she has enough not to lose (and winning some back when she gets a smiley face egg).


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