First strokes of the pen

Not long after deciding that she wanted to be able to read, Lauren decided that it was time to get writing as well. I came into the kitchen one day to find that she’d pulled out a roll of ‘christmas’ themed paper towels, and found a black vivid in the cupboard, and she was merrily writing away. She very proudly showed me her i’s and o’s, and asked if it was a word. She’d written ‘oi oi’ lol so I guess it is kind of a word 😉

WP_20140124_002I asked her if she’d like to move to regular paper and a pen/pencil, but she really wanted to write on the pretty paper towels, so my next suggestion was that she tell me a few words that she wanted to write so that I could write them down and she could copy them. The words she selected were: dog, cat, love, mummy, and daddy.

You might be starting to see the theme of things when it comes to Lauren – she often starts things off on her own steam, without asking for any assistance, and she’d be quite happy to potter away and figure it out as she goes. She has very firm opinions about what she wants to do, and how she wants to do it, and will often not be swayed unless I can come up with a satisfactory compromise.

I’m pretty good at those 😉 thank goodness. I am now on the look out for some pretty stationary for her to write on so that the paper towels can stay in the kitchen, and a sparkly pen convinced her to move away from writing with a vivid.

As much as she wants to do things now and learn words whole, she’s coming to see that learning her individual letters could be a beneficial thing, and just yesterday she asked if she could work on her letter recognition, and learning the sounds that each letter makes. I’m really pleased that I didn’t push her into doing it before she was ready because I don’t think it would have been effective – she’s much easier to teach, and learns far quicker, when she’s doing it under her own steam. As you can see, despite not having written a whole lot before now, she’s actually forming her letters fairly well.



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