Triptych – Ivy’s favourites

She really liked the reflections in the water, and the colours in this one

During one of our ‘evening classes’ last week Ivy and I spent some time looking through examples of triptychs on google images, talking about the different kinds of media used (photography, paint, drawing, stained glass window etc) and the kinds of things people put in their triptychs (religious scenes, landscapes, portraits and so on).

She liked the colours in this one, and also the way it looked like it was reflected in water

I don’t think she was quite aware of what she was drawn to, but it didn’t take long for me to pick up on her preferences. Rather than spell them out to her, I asked her what it was she liked about each of the triptychs she’d selected and hoped that she would be able to make the connections between them herself.

She liked the water, and she thought it was pretty

It took her a lot of prompting from me for her to figure out what it was she liked, but she got there in the end – she liked images with water, or landscapes, the word ‘pretty’ was

she liked the colours in this, and it reminded her of a fireworks painting that she’d done once where you colour the paper in with different coloured crayons, then paint it over with black and scratch the paint off to make the fireworks

used in just about every response to an image she picked (though after about 8 of them she decided she needed to find some more words for pretty because she used it too much, so it was good to explore some other words!) and she liked things that were bright and colourful, and she liked a combination of paintings and photography, with the paintings either being of landscapes, or abstract in nature.

When I asked her what she might like to do for some of her own triptychs she still wasn’t really sure, so I suggested that maybe she might want to do something with water, seeing as it seemed to be a bit of a theme for her, and that we look for some other images of things she might like to try.



She spotted this triptych of a kitten playing and thought it was really cute, and decided that for her first triptych she’d like to try and do something like this with our dog, Leeloo. She’s taken many photographs of Leeloo in the past, so it will be interesting to see how she goes about setting the scene for her first photoshoot that has a specific purpose (other than just the fun of taking photos, that is!).

I had a lot of fun exploring triptychs with Ivy, and it was nice to get that one on one time to do it with her without the other kids around. I’m looking forward to doing the same with Lauren and seeing whether there are any themes that run through her selection as well.

If you’d like to view all the ones that Ivy selected, you can see them here.


3 thoughts on “Triptych – Ivy’s favourites

  1. Such good taste! Complementary colours seem like a running theme as well (or almost complementary. There’s a word for it but can’t think of it right now).

    • You’re right! Will have to go and find what that word is. Once upon a time, back in my design and multimedia days, I knew. So many things forgotten…
      She does have very good taste, and she’s quite clear about what she likes and what she doesn’t – which is a good thing.

      • Yeah, I like to think all those ‘forgotten’ things aren’t really forgotten, just harder to reach under new stuff, like how to do a GST return and other fun stuff (sounds like a coffee-book title, doesn’t it?).
        That’s great – it gives a lot to explore about why she does and doesn’t like things, great to see her developing an opinion and interest at such a young age.
        Kudos to you both.

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