Colour Theory

Following on from Ivy’s interest in art, a friend introduced me to the ‘Open 2 Study‘ site, where I promptly made Ivy an account and signed her up for a couple of classes. We started the first one today called ‘The Art of Drawing and Painting‘, the description said that it involved colour theory and seeing as we were just talking about that a couple of days ago it sounded like a good place to start.


Ivy watching the videos with Leeloo

Ivy watching the videos with Leeloo

Ivy really enjoys it. We’re already halfway through the lessons for the first week. She’s loving being exposed to some new types of art and learning about the history of art a little more. She made me stop and take a photo of this beach (again with the beaches! lol) because she really liked it. She could see it was a beach but the style wasn’t as realistic as a lot of the art she sees and it intrigued her to think of a painting made up of lots of ‘dots’ as opposed to strokes of the brush.

WP_000283WP_000280Once we’d got past the video about primary, secondary and tertiary colours I suggested we take a break and get the paints out so that Ivy could make her own colour wheel. She jumped at that idea, and I was really impressed by how focused she was and how she kept an even keel despite some struggles with getting the mixing right initially. She did an excellent job!

The other kids pitched in as well. Lauren got me to draw her some circles as well and did some mixing, though under her own steam rather than according to colour theory, and Natalie had fun making her ‘ugly green’ that she loves to much. She wants ALL the colours, then she mixes them all together, does her painting and then uses the rest of the paint on her body before having a bath – I only ever suggest we paint when I know there is plenty of time for the clean up πŸ˜‰

WP_000282Despite the fact that we’ve talked about colour theory before, it felt like this time around it actually might stick. It seems like a combination of video and practical experience is a good blend for Ivy. She rarely takes information in when she’s just read it, or had it read to her, but seeing it and then putting it into action seems to work, so I will have to remember that for the future.

Lauren has been gathering a pretty good idea about mixing colours as well, and while she might not have the words to explain what she’s been doing, she is certainly confident enough to mix her own colours and experiment.





5 thoughts on “Colour Theory

    • That’s so cool that you’re doing it too! As soon as I saw it I asked if she was keen, then today when we were starting up she was a little less keen. It changed back to being eager again quickly πŸ™‚ I was impressed that she has been getting all the answers right, and I’ve had the opportunity to teach her some tricks for answering multiple choice questions as well.

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  2. Yeah πŸ™‚ So far it’s a refresher for all the stuff I’ve forgotten from highschool art (not that it was that long ago!), but really enjoying it and looking forward especially to the last module.

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