Lauren’s turn on the stall

WP_000417After last weekends successful biscuit stand, we didn’t have to do another, but I offered to for a family who are having some struggles. Lauren has just joined Pippins this past week and was dead keen to come along and help out, so off we went!

It was a completely different experience than with Ivy – who was mostly interested in talking about other things, and not so much the actual selling. Lauren however wanted to do it all, despite not having yet developed the math skills to figure out change.

It was interesting to see how she set up her stand, keeping all the kinds of biscuits together. Ivy preferred to keep a smaller number on the table, and give people packets from the boxes underneath rather than the display, where Lauren loaded the table and then brought up extra packets every time a sale was made.

She is a natural seller, engaging people in conversation, politely asking if they’d like another packet – I was so surprised as I’ve never really seen this side of her before, more often than not, they DID buy another packet, or at the very least, check their wallets to see if they had more money. A few people even commented on her natural sales ability. She was involved with every sale, organizing their biscuits, taking the cash in most instances and passing back the change.

When there was time between sales, we talked about money, what each of the coins stood for and how they could be added together – she really loved this part, and asked to do some more maths using money once we got home from the stall. In fact, she enjoyed the experience so much that she didn’t want to leave, and asked if we could go back and do another stand!

Lauren has often said that she would like to run her own business (perhaps a hair dressers), and I can see that if she still wants to do that when she is old enough, she’ll certainly have the passion and skills to follow through. I’ll be really interested to see what she settles on careerwise further down the track, and can see that right now she has a great level of interest to start learning about money and finances.


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