Can we make…?

WP_000426Lately when the kids have asked if we could buy some treat food I’ve been suggesting that maybe we could have a go at trying to make it ourselves. I want to get them away from junk food as much as possible, and a good way to do this is to make your own. I mean, I know it’s not perfect – home made marshmallow is still full of sugar and not something you’d want to eat in large quantities, but at least you know exactly what’s going into it and you can adapt to your taste, or try different recipes out. In fact, I’m all for trying different techniques and working out which ones are the most cost effective, healthful, tastiest etc, and I’m really keen to get the kids into this kind of thinking as well.

So this week we did make marshmallow – delicious, thick, firm marshmallow (the best home made stuff I’ve ever seen!). They coloured it purple, and ate it from ice-cream cones. And then Lauren decided that she REALLY wanted potato chips. So we had a try of making them too. They didn’t turn out exactly like the ones from a packet, but the kids really liked them – so much so that they don’t want the ones from a packet anymore. And I feel good knowing it’s just potato, a little oil and salt.

I love that they want to be involved in the process of making the foods they want to eat, it helps them know what they are putting in their bodies, as well as giving them an awareness of the processes by which things are made, and the other stuff like maths, reading recipes, and further down the track I’m looking forward to comparing different recipes so that the kids can get a feel for the basics of what goes in different dishes and can then start creating their own. I can’t wait to find out what they want to try making next!

Fun times ahead. This will tie in nicely with the module we’re going to be starting about keeping our bodies healthy.


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