Open2Study update

anthropology-page-001Ivy has finished her first two courses through Open2Study, so I thought that it was a good time to do a little summary of how that’s going for us.

She passed both, but what I found most interesting was that despite Anthropology being the harder of the two courses, this was the one she most wanted to do. Given the choice (and she always is) she always chose this over the Art class, despite the fact she got better grades and had an easier time with the Art one.

She has learned heaps, and was quoting facts she’d learned from Anthropology when we recently visited the Auckland zoo, I loved hearing her tell other people about the things we’d learned through the course. She has also been applying the things she learned in the Art class to artwork she has viewed, and also to the stuff she has been creating.

art-page-001More important than the things she learned has been the discovery of her passion for science. She loves learning about how the world works, which none of us knew prior to this. She’s come leaps and bounds over the last few months and it’s wonderful to watch. She’s even decided to be a scientist when she grows up.

She said to me the other day ‘[our neighbour of a similar age] just thinks science is when you put things together and they explode, why doesn’t she know about other stuff?’. I explained to her that the things she’s learning at the moment are well ahead of the other kids of her age, which made her feel pretty good 🙂 She was baffled by how little other people seem to know.

I love seeing her thirst for knowledge grow and am really encouraged after seeing that despite challenges, if she really wants to know something she will keep coming back to it – this is a massive thing for her because I vividly remember when she was still at regular school she would opt out as soon as things got hard, and trying to get her to engage with homework was like pulling teeth. It’s all changing now. She’s leading the way, she’s hungry for knowledge and I LOVE seeing that. The drive to learn, to desire to know, is one of the more valuable things you can develop and it’s there, growing within her.


One thought on “Open2Study update

  1. Great that she got so much out of these courses. Also that she is applying the knowledge in the real world and is keen for more.
    Following your post a week or two ago, I have been looking at these. I think they are just terrific. Also, I am always impressed at the idea of free education. I need to wait a few years before we can make use of this, unfortunately.

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