Medication update – all the books

nancyWe’ve reached the point where we have finally found the right type and level of medication for Ivy. She’s been stable on it for about two weeks now and… well, the change is dramatic. This one is long lasting. She takes her pills in the morning and that’s it for the day. There are no top-ups, no roller-coaster of emotions as the pills kick in and wear off, and best of all, no complete meltdown when they wear off for the day. She is still prone to feeling fragile towards bed time, so it’s not perfect, but we’re aware of that and do our best to mitigate it.

And, she’s doing really well on it! She’s reading, all the books, for the first time in her life. I started getting her some graphic novels (Nancy Drew) and she’s been devouring those, branching out to the other things I’ve been bringing home from the library. Sometimes she will finish one in a day, and because she’s been having so much success reading when on the meds, she’s more prone to picking up a book even when she’s not medicated.

It’s been really encouraging that she’s doing this under her own steam. I’ve not sat her down and forced her to do it, merely picked some books I thought she might like and left them lying around. It’s been really hard over the last few years not to pressure her with reading – I’m a writer, and I LOVE books and am always reading at least one. It’s only normal that I’d want to share this passion with her – but I knew that if I pressured it was just going to make her hate it even more.

Despite not reading much of anything for almost two years, her reading comprehension astounds me. She has all the tools to figure out any word she doesn’t know, and when a friend picked up and flicked through one of the Nancy Drew novels, she looked surprised and asked ‘Does Ivy know all these words?’ I got to say, she does, actually lol. It’s really nice to know that I made the right call not to pressure her, and really shows that even when you’re not trying, kids are learning. You just can’t stop them!

I’m looking forward to sharing some of my childhood favourites with her, it’s been fun bonding over Nancy Drew to begin with ๐Ÿ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Medication update – all the books

  1. Wooohoo! Glad I came back to read this post. Thinking skills and a have-a-go attitude are the best things for reading comprehension – and those are taught through so many other things. I know this sounds teachery lol, but keep up the amazing job you’re doing xx

    • Thanks Zee ๐Ÿ™‚ I really appreciate the comment. It’s not all smooth sailing, and we’re not quite at the end of our trials yet, but at least we can see it’s helping somewhat ๐Ÿ™‚

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