Meeting of the Waters

WP_20140515_003About ten days ago we went out to Meeting of the Waters for a bush walk with friends. We’ve had some beautiful Autumn weather lately and I’m enjoying making the most of the chilly mornings and the sunny days. It’s perfect – Autumn is probably my favourite season.

In preparation for the walk, my youngest dragged out our native plant book and set about memorising as many names of plants as she could. I was really impressed with her Maori pronunciation seeing as it’s not something we’ve focused on that much so far. She loved looking at the pictures and we ended up taking the book with us and showing it to our friends.

WP_20140515_004And then we made some peanut-butter, chocolate chip cookies because they are delicious and it’s always nice to have something freshly made to share with friends. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, for us!) none of them really liked the biscuits lol but that’s okay because there was more for us.

WP_20140515_009The walk was really nice. We went around the Araheke Loop first, which is a flat, easy track with many small bridges (most with swamp under them, not rivers). The bigger kids ran off ahead and the smaller two hung back with me and another Mum. It’s a great walk for this kind of thing because the kids can get the sense that they are alone, and ahead of the pack, while the parents are never truly that far behind. They waited for us at the beginning of the loop as we were walking a bit slower and stopping to see all the interesting fungi along the way (pics of that to come in another post).

By the time we finished the Araheke Loop some other friends had rejoined us, and so we did the shorter walk on the other side (more of a slow run, really, the kids where in fine form after a quick snack break between walks!

I’ll quit talking and just post some more pictures – the kids checking out the signs, holding hands and helping each other across the stones (I was most impressed by the girls, looking out for each other), and then making a train to head into the second walk.




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