WP_20140529_004Most Thursdays we get out and about with our homeschooling friends, this week we’d planned a walk around Ratapihipihi reserve. I can’t recall whether I’ve actually been there before – but if I have, it was so long ago that I certainly don’t remember. It’s actually not very far from our house, and is very easy to access. The site said it was a well graded track, so it sounded like a good one to go on (I’m looking forward to when the kids are all a little bigger, their legs longer, and I am a tad fitter so we can go on some longer more difficult walks!).

This week we had five families along, one we hadn’t met before which was awesome, so 13 kids in total ranging from 1-9. The big kids went ahead as normal, while the smaller ones stuck with the adults. There were a few steps and quite a few neat bridges along the way. It’s an excellent walk – just long enough to help my little ones extend themselves, but not so long that they don’t have energy left over to run around with their friends afterwards 😉

We all really enjoy getting out on these walks, and I think it’s probably time to get a list of them all so we can tick off all the easier ones and move towards the more complicated ones. I can’t wait to explore more of our area – even better when we can do it with our friends.


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