Term 3 Swimming

Since beginning the term, we’ve managed to make all but one week of our new swimming session (and we only missed it then because we were all going to Chipmunks for one of our friends birthday parties). This regular time slot, swimming with our friends, has been amazing for the girls confidence in the water and every week I’ve been impressed to see them trying new things.

Ivy has stopped wanting to hold her nose when she’s under the water, improved her freestyle vastly and been enjoying lots of swimming in the deep end. She’s still working on mastering sculling, but she’s getting there. She’s also taken part in several sessions with a lifeguard and the other older kids in our group, learning how to do ‘safety jumps’. The lifeguards have been great since we’ve spoken to them about having time in the deep end, and it’s nice that our kids can splash around now without annoying any aqua-joggers.

Lauren has gone from being afraid to getting her head under the water, to being a little dolphin! She spends most of her time under the water now, learning new ways to move her body and travel. She loves to jump in and does so without needing me to catch her now. She’s spending time in the deep end too, though still needs my assistance – but she can get back to the edge on her own now which is awesome. The jump is too high for her to do safety jumps, but just last week her and a friend were doing their own version off the edge in the shallower ends. Love that they are copying what the big kids are doing in a way that is safe for them! She’s been a great motivator for one of her younger friends too, role modelling and encouraging her to go under the water as well and take some more (safe) risks. I have loved watching the two of them become so confident in the water over the term.

Natalie has been doing her own thing as well. She’s moving around a lot more confidently, and jumping off the side of the poo into my arms, and occasionally by herself in the shallower parts, though until just last week, was entirely unconvinced about a) wearing goggles, and b) putting her head under the water. This last week she decided to give the new goggles a better go and seemed to enjoy not getting water in her eyes as much. Funnily, it was after she discarded them that she decided to show me a new trick – putting her head under the water! I was so thrilled. She showed a few other people, and is feeling pretty chuffed with herself. I imagine that in another six months she’ll be just as active beneath the water as her sisters.

I wish I had some pics to share, but I’m always in the water with them. It’s lovely to see their confidence blooming and their skills growing – every week at least one of them has tried something new. We’re looking forward to the weather warming up and doing some swimming in the sea and rivers around the area – which will mean a whole new set of skills!


2 thoughts on “Term 3 Swimming

  1. Sounds awesome! I took a long time to get my head under the water when I first started swimming, and I’m still not super confident. It sounds like your girls are getting just the right amount of push.

    Great to read your home schooling posts again 🙂

    • Thanks! I really need to catch up on posts lol we’ve been so busy that I hardly ever get time to get to this part of it. Once stud is done I am looking forward to spending more time reflecting 🙂

      I love how they keep developing their skills, it’s so awesome seeing what new things they are doing each week. And it’s reminded me how much I love the water too, now that we’re able to get into the deeper end. Last week I got to do some lengths – breaststroke with a 4yr old on my back, 4 lengths LOL very good exercise.

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