So much to blog about…

IMG_20140728_124504765_HDROver the next few days I am going to try to attempt to catch up on blog posts. I’ve just copied over all the photos from my phone to my computer and there is heaps I never got a chance to put up! Seeing as it’s school holidays and we’re out and about a little less (everything is just SO busy during the school hols and none of us enjoy that). Hopefully I’ll be able to keep on top of things from here on in – I have just two and a bit weeks until my last assignment is handed in and then I’m FREE. I can’t wait to just be a mother and writer, and leave the student days in the past. I’ve learned so much, but it will be nice to have a smaller workload.IMG_20140925_105358203

I thought, however, that I’d put in a couple of pics here to skim over a few of the events of the past 4 months or so, which should leave me with just a few posts to do 😉IMG_20140728_124144710

1404001945208Someone turned four – she had a dinosaur birthday for the second year in a row, and I imagine there will be another one next year! lol We made an epic triceratops pinata, after it met its end, Nati was pretty gutted and we’re going to making a smaller one for her to keep at some point.1403907087918

1405402073283Someone else got taken to Phantom of the Opera! I’ve been dying to go since I was a kid, and have lovely memories of singing along to the record with my mother. Ivy has loved the movie since she was little, so it was pretty amazing to be able to experience the live show for the first time together. Not sure who enjoyed it more – me or her!IMG_20140717_185726105

IMG_20140925_110657748We’ve had lots of nice bush walks, trips to the park and beach, and just, in general, been enjoying life. Lots of library visits, catching up with friends, learning a vast range of things.IMG_20140714_113258149

It’s been possibly the best winter we’ve ever had, in large part due to the fact we’ve been out and about so much – we even had a few trips to the snow (put that’s a whole other post).


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