New theme for October

Now that we’re out of Playcentre and focusing on just home schooling, we’ve decided to try out a slightly new way of doing things.

Until now we’ve followed the kids interests, with not much tying things together. Well, we’re still going to be following the kids interests, but we’re going to try extending a theme over the span of a month and tying as much of what we do to that theme.

At the moment the kids are ALL about Halloween, despite this not being a very widely celebrated holiday in New Zealand. They love monsters and ghouls, and our middle child turns 5 just a few days before Halloween and wants a full on Halloween themed party – so it seems like the perfect theme for the month! I was just browsing through blog themes and found this one, so thought I would change it to match 😉

I’m really looking forward to exploring the history of Halloween, and the ways in which it is celebrated around the world.

Should be fun!