The Exemption Process – round 2

Yesterday I finally sent off my application for an exemption for Lauren. It’s been weeks in the making and between assignment pressure and the regular busyness of life it took a lot longer than I had wanted.

Let me tell you, writing one for the second child is no easier than writing one for the first. Of course, I am more confident than ever that our approach works. I’ve seen it in action, more so in this last year than in our first as home schoolers. I’ve watched our amazing children blossom and shine, and come into their own in ways I had not expected. These things however are not so easy to translate into a letter of application. An application which is written in a way that makes me feel like nothing I write is going to be good enough. Its intimidating, to say the least.

Which is sad really. I know these kids better than anyone else in the world. I can tailor their learning experiences to meet their needs in a very specific way that no regular school can. No matter how well intentioned or amazing a teacher is, they can’t give my kids the things I give them – freedom to move when needed, freedom to explore their interests until they’ve exhausted the well of questions or curiosity, a tiny teacher to student ratio, not to mention all the other benefits like hugs at any time of the day, or quiet time when they need it no matter where we are.

It makes me feel queasy that someone might deem my application not good enough. While logically I know it should be okay, I can’t help but worry. I do the same with assignments for University lol I haven’t failed anything yet (and I have just one assignment remaining in my Post Grad Dip in Education), but that thread of anxiety is still there, every single time.

Well, all we can do is wait now. Wait and continue to do what we’re doing. Keep enjoying life and learning every day.



Well, the letter has finally arrived. Our application to home school Ivy has been approved!!! I think my hands shook for a good five hours – starting from when I saw the Ministry of Ed header on the envelope.

There have been a million emotions and thoughts swarm over me since then, and I think that the reality of it all is still sinking in. Above everything I feel relief, and excitement, and joy – especially when I see how happy Ivy is about it all.

On Friday I took her in to say goodbye to her classmates, and while I cried the entire time, she took it all in her stride. Clearly pleased that she wouldn’t be attending school any more, though admitting that she will miss her friends. They know where we are though, and have our number, so it’s not the end of friendships, just the end of shared school times.

Afterwards we stopped in at the hospice shop and picked up a tall cabinet for storage, and so now our study room is looking pretty organized. I finally feel like our long wait is over and I can move again!

Calm Before The Storm

Or is it the storm before the calm?

Hi, and welcome to our new blog! We sent off an application to home school our eldest, three weeks ago now, and so are currently waiting for approval to come through. She is miserable at school, and desperate for the exemption certificate to arrive. It’s been a good lesson in patience for us so far, though I can say that everyone in the family will be relieved when we can officially begin home schooling.

It was not something we intended on doing. I’d never had a strong desire to home school, though over the two and a half years since she turned 5, it’s cropped up in my thoughts many times. I just wasn’t sure I’d be able to cope. It wasn’t until we’d gone through several other options, trying to figure out what was wrong, that it struck me that in fact the problem was simple.

She didn’t fit in at school.

Sure, she has friends, and she can do the work for the most part. She isn’t a bad kid, nor does she have behavioural problems. But she was miserable. Having to sit down for most of the day, not being able to move or listen to music, or follow her own rhythms was stifling her creativity and her passion for learning. She became depressed.

And that’s not okay by us. So the simple solution was to quit traditional school, and do things in a way that would suit her, build her up, improve her confidence and sense of self worth.

So here we are. On our way to becoming a home schooling family, and happier for the decision. She is doing her best to stay balanced while she waits, though it’s hard on her and us. I’m trying hard to be patient, though that’s never been a skill of mine. I know we have a long road ahead of us, and it’s going to have its ups and downs, but we’re really excited to make the change and can’t wait for our journey to begin.